Alien Nation

by Skylar Fox and Simon Henriques / directed by Skylar Fox

“A very enjoyable performance. And in the midst of all the laughter, there are some really moving and surprisingly deep lines that cut through the madness.” –No Proscenium

Alien Nation is a live, immersive alien movie about a group of college seniors who might be terrible people, and the race of aliens that invade their bodies to make them better. Running from the FBI, who are coming to neutralize the extraterrestrial threat, these kids are forced to reckon with what it means to change, to outgrow and be outgrown by those you love, and to try to be a better human being. Complete with an original film score, dancing, stage magic, practical effects, a 360 degree set design, and more, Alien Nation casts and recasts its audience as extras in a wild, funny, theatrical thriller tinged with existential regret.

“What the team are able to do with the space is incredible. The play feels like a real-life Edgar Wright film, with sets suddenly transforming and the audience being transported instantaneously as if by jump-cut. … The show is a masterclass for immersive creators in how to use a space and how to make “not a lot,” feel like “a lot.””
–No Proscenium

Development History

  • Paradise Factory, September-October 2018

Providence, RI

by Skylar Fox and Simon Henriques / directed by Skylar Fox

"The show is richly thought-out and incredibly complex, and following the threads is deeply enjoyable. Providence, RI is extremely smart, funny, sincere, and creepy, with something for everyone. … A beautiful production from a remarkably young company." -Theatre Is Easy (Best Bet)

There's this town. All these people live there. There are all these places they live in. And eat at. And avoid. And die in. It's the kind of town you hear about and think: "I should take a trip up there. For the fall colors." But you never do. Tonight is all about this town. And its people. And their places. There are giant squirrels in this town, and a set of quintuplets mysteriously separated at birth -- but we'll get to them later. Providence, RI explores how people build towns, how towns build memories, and how those memories build new people and towns altogether.

"Written with a high degree of polish."
–Aisle Say
"Fox and Henriques have a unique voice together. Their ability to incorporate humor and poetry kept the piece afloat. … There was immense trust and compatibility in the five piece ensemble."
–Theatre in the Now
"Artistically daring…Providence, RI harnesses its elusiveness and cacophony for surprisingly moving ends."
–New York Theatre Review
"The cast and crew bring together an almost extra-sensory tapestry. The cast clips through live set changes, overlapping narration and semi-linear scenes with expert precision, and the timing is spot on."
–Theatre is Easy

Development History

  • Flint and Tinder at The Tank, January 2017

The Annotated History of the American Muskrat

by John Kuntz / directed by Skylar Fox / co-produced with The Circuit Theatre Company

"At times funny, poignant, creepy, and tragic, The Annotated History of the American Muskrat is a vibrant, electric production. … Delivers poignant messages about race, gun control, and politics in America, with a gut-punching, in-your-face attitude." –NY Theatre Guide

Eight actors are part of an experiment. Or maybe they're eight ordinary people who think they're actors. Or maybe they were actors and acted so hard they became something else entirely. All they know is that they're in America, and they have to give a presentation about muskrats if they ever want to sleep. Unless they're sleeping right now. The Annotated History of the American Muskrat is a wild collage of absurd comedy, melodrama, dancing, historical fiction, and live music videos, exploring how we build a national identity out of stories—and how those stories can become more powerful than the people who tell them.

"As disturbing as it is visually poetic."
–The New York Times
"If the revival of The Annotated History of the American Muskrat fosters a discussion about the serious racial divide in the United States and the serious deterioration of individual rights, the endeavor is worth the effort."
–Theatre Reviews Limited
"At times shocking, endearing, terrifying, and just plain bizarre."
"With The Annotated History of the American Muskrat, Circuit Theatre maintains their cred. The spirit of the future is theirs to develop."
–Theatre Pizzazz

Development History

  • Ice Factory at the New Ohio, July 2016
  • Boston Center for the Arts, August 2014

Thank You Sorry

by Skylar Fox and Simon Henriques / directed by Skylar Fox

Skylar and Simon just graduated. A mysterious artists' residency drops them in a foreclosed (maybe haunted) house in Detroit. Armed with their instruments, some notebooks, and a crushing sense of ennui, they set out to write a concert about this strange world that lets them write at all. This is that concert.

Development History

  • Ars Nova, December 2015
  • Production Workshop, March 2015 - reading

Apathy Boy

by Skylar Fox and Simon Henriques / directed by Skylar Fox

"What part of 'I don't care' don't you understand?" he says in a measured tone, as he gives that signature "Whatever" shrug. It's Apathy Boy. Yay.

In a world that cares too much, Apathy Boy is really good at saving himself. In an alternate world, a high school boy with high-functioning autism tells Apathy Boy's story as he draws it into life. As these worlds collide, a hero meets his maker, and nothing will ever be the same.

This dramatic comedy is told onstage in multiple dimensions, with three live actors playing over twenty roles as they interact with video and animation design by Korean artist/animator Alex M. Lee.

Development History

  • Ars Nova, June 2015
  • The Brick, June 2014

The Frito-Lay Project

by Skylar Fox and Simon Henriques

Tired of boring old meaningless theatre? So are Skylar and Simon, two college guys on a mission to make theatre so important that it changes the world! This mockumentary play exposes the funny, sad realities lurking beneath artistic idealism. When the orange Cheeto dust clears, will anyone be safe?

Development History

  • Ars Nova, June 2014
  • Orange Tea Theatre (Amsterdam), February 2014 - reading
  • Production Workshop (Providence, RI), May 2013 - reading